Compendia containing Publications and Presentations related to Virtual Laboratories

Online Robot Research Papers
General Virtual Reality Bibliography
List of the Papers from the International Conference on Engineering Education 1999 , 1998

The role of virtual laboratories in development

Enhancing Electronic Collaboration in the South
by E. Canessa, F. Postogna and S. Radicella
Report of the Expert Meeting on Virtual Laboratories (doc)
by James P. Vary
The Emergence of Virtual Laboratories: Towards New Policies and Strategies for Knowledge Handling (doc)
Virtual Laboratories Strategies for Development (doc)
by E. Canessa, C. Fonda and S.M. Radicella

Technical Publications and Presentations

AccessBot: an Enabling Technology for Telepresence
by Jason Leigh, Maggie Rawlings, Javier Girado, Greg Dawe, Ray Fang, Alan Verlo, Muhammad-Ali Khan, Alan Cruz, Dana Plepys, Daniel J. Sandin, Thomas A. DeFanti
Assessing Negative Side Effects in Virtual Environments
by Michael K. McGee
A Distributed Architecture for Teleoperation over the Internet with Application to the Remote Control of an Inverted Pendulum
by Denis Gillet, Christophe Salzmann, Pierre Huguenin
A Mobile Code Approach to Interact with Ubiquitous Embedded Systems
by Kangas K.
A low-cost internet-based telerobotic system for access to remote laboratories
by Song You, Tianmiao Wang, Roy Eagleson, Cai Meng, Qixian Zhang
A Virtual Laboratory for Acquisition and Distribution of Scientific Data on the Internet
by Rex E. Gantenbein, Thomas L. James, John R. Cowles, and William H. Paloski
Beyond The Limits Of Real-Time Realism
by Pieter Jan Stappers, William Gaver, Kees Overbeeke
Computer Supported Learning and Training Centre for Engineering Education
by Tony Manninen
Control System Design
by Graham C. Goodwin, Stefan F. Graebe, Mario E. Salgado
Creation of a Live Virtual Reality Model of Mining Environments from Sensor Fusion
by Pierre Boulanger and Jean-François Lapoint
Design of a Generic, Interactive, Virtual and Remote Electrical Engineering Laboratory
by H. H. Saliah
Developing a Toolkit for Virtual Laboratory Builders and Participants
by K. Froitzheim, M. Simioni
Distance Education and the WWW
by Daniel Peraya
Feasibility Study: Reference Architecture for Machine Control Systems Integration
by Thomas R. Kramer,M. K. Senehi
Feeling is Believing: Haptics and Telerobotics Technology
by Blake Hannaford
Hand Gesture Telerobotic System using Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms
by Wachs Juan, Kartoun Uri
Implementing and Evaluation Web-Based Hands-On Laboratories For Undergraduate Education
by Michael Hites, Ph.D., Michael Sekerak and Liz Sanders
Integrating Instructional Technology Methodologies in a state of the art Industrial Control Laboratory
by Wilfrido A. Moreno, James Leffew, Oscar Cárdenas, Niurka Ramos, Norali Pernalete, Franklyn Díaz and Víctor Alvarado
Internet-based Client/Server Virtual Instrument Designs for Real-Time Remote-Access Control Engineering Laboratory
by Jamahl Overstreet, Anthony Tzes
Internet-based Learning by Doing
by Luis Anido, Student Member, IEEE, Martín Llamas, Member, IEEE, and Manuel J. Fernández
Internet-based Robotic Systems for Teleoperation
by Huosheng Hu, Lixiang Yu, Pui Wo Tsui, Quan Zhou
Java-based Framework for Remote Access to Laboratory Experiments
by Christof Röhrig, Andreas Jochheim
Networked Multi-user and Multimedia Environments for Learning and Collaboration
by Jonathan P. Bowen, Michael K. Houghton
Optimizing Performance in Heavy Equipment Teleoperation
by Jean-François Lapointe, Jean-Marc Robert, Pierre Boulanger
Remote Experimentation over the Internet
by Christophe Salzmann
Remote Experimentation over the Net: Our First Year with MALDI
by Murray V. Johnston Frederick J. Cox Gregory J. Forte Dean C. Nairn Richard S. Sacher Anita Z. Schwartz Akos Vertes
Requirements for Modular Dual-Arm Robot Architecture for use in Deactivation and Decommissioning Tasks
by Daniel J. Cox, Murat Cetin, Mitch Pryor, Delbert Tesar
Requirements for Real-Time Laboratory Experimentation Over the Internet
by Ch. Salzmann, H. A. Latchman, D. Gillet, and O. D. Crisalle
Robot Motion Control and Image Reconstruction over Internet
by C.D. Cheng, P. Vadakkepat*, C.C. Ko, B.M. Chen, and X. Xiang
Robot Partners: Collaborative Perceptual Robotic Systems
by James J. Little
Robotics and Machine Perception - March 2001
1. Audio-feedback experiments on Engineering Test Satellite VII and its assessment using eye-mark recorder
2. A new telepresence approach through the combination of virtual reality and robot control techniques
3. Intuitive haptic perception in virtual prototyping tasks
4. Space exploration and the expanding domain of robotic telepresence
5. MARCO DLR s task-directed sensor-based teleprogramming system
6. Active interfaces for vehicle teleoperation
7. Time delay and communication-bandwidth limitation on telerobotic control
8. Web interfacing for task supervision and specification
Robotics for Telesurgery: Second Generation Berkeley/UCSF Laparoscopic Telesurgical Workstation and Looking towards the Future Applications
by M. Cenk Cavusoglu, Withrop Williams, Frank TendickS. Shankar Sastry
Sharing of Unique or Expensive Equipment for Research and Education
by Ch. Salzmann, P. Saucy, D. Gillet, F. Mondada
Tele-existence Techniques of Heavy Work Vehicles
by Aarne Halme and Jussi Suomela
Telepresence: An Opportunity to Develop Real-World Experimentation in Education
by D. Gillet, C. Salzmann, R. Longchamp, and D. Bonvin
Telepresence with Time Delays
by Reinhard Keil-Slawik
The unofficial Yellow Pages of CSCW
by Pal S. Malm
The Virtual Laboratory: An Application Environment for Computational Science and Engineering
The Virtual Laboratory: Using Networks to Enable Widely Distributed Collaboratory Science
by William E. Johnston, Deborah Agarwa
Tools for Building Virtual Laboratories
by Deborah Agarwal, William E. Johnston, Stewart Loken, Brian Tiemey
Tools for Building Virtual Laboratories
by Stu Loken
User Interface for Video Observation over the Internet
by Bor Prihavec, Franc Solina
Using the Web in Your Courses: What Can You Do?What Should You Do
by Sandra E. Poindexter, Bonnie S. Heck
Using virtual instrumentation and an application of remote area - experimentation in Electrical Engineering
by Nesimi Ertugrul
Video Conferencing in Higher Education
by Dr Lynne Coventry
Virtual Environment for Telerobotics
by Riko Safaric, Rob M. Parkin, Chris A. Czarnecki, David W. Calkin
Virtual Laboratories and Real-time Experiments in Engineering Education
by Christophe Salzmann, Haniph Latchman, Denis Gillet, Oscar Chrisalle
Virtual Laboratories for Education and Research
by Liga Nigale, Karlis Patjanko, Dr. Ilmars Slaidins
Virtual Laboratory Associated to Intelligent Instrumentation
by Adriana Paula Borges, Rodrigo Fernandes, Maurício OscarPérez Lisboa, Alexandre Mori, Fco. Javier Ramirez Fernandez
Virtual laboratory for automatic control and supervision challenges and opportunities
by Nedjeljko Peri, Ivan Petrovi
Virtual Reality on the Internet
by Ronald G. Wolak
Virtual Reality Assisted Telepresence System for Remote Maintenance
by Panu Harmo, Aarne Halme, Petri Virekoski, Matias Halinen, Hannu Pitkänen
Virtual Reality Interfaces for Visualization and Control of Remote Vehicles
by Laurent A. Nguyen 1 , Maria Bualat, Laurence J. Edwards 2 , Lorenzo Flueckige