Overview of Person-to-Person Tools

person-to-person communication in a network of scientists
gif-grafik Conventional techniques of human interaction:
a conversation, a telephone call, a book, TV, or a letter
gif-grafik Computer-supported analogs:
videoconferences, Internet telephony, the WWW, and E-mail

Software tools for e-Collaboration

via E-mail
gif-grafik Distributed Mailing Lists (e.g., Majordomo)
gif-grafik Newsgroups (e.g., UseNet)
via WWW
gif-grafik Bulletin Boards - Asynchronous Conferencing (e.g., Hypermail, BBS)
gif-grafik Instant Messaging - Chats (e.g., Jabber, IRC, ScientificTalk)
gif-grafik Group Calendars (e.g., Extropia, Cal + e-mail remainder)
gif-grafik Voice over IP (VoIP) (e.g., Rat-Robust Audio Tool, Vat by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
gif-grafik Audio-Video streaming (e.g., RealVideo, QuickTime, IPTV)
gif-grafik Video Conferencing (e.g., NetMeeting, VIC by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, gnomemeeting)
H323 (ITU) Standard through the collective input of both traditional telephony communications experts and those from the computer communications arena.

Software tools for GroupWare

Collaborative Document Authoring:
gif-grafik e.g., Lotus Domino, PHPContent-Web/CGI integration, iPlanet, NTE-Network Text Editor
Shared WhiteBoards:
gif-grafik e.g., WB, WBD
Shared 3D virtual environments:
gif-grafik e.g., Green Spaces to teach science or selected a simple architectural problem the design of a hotel Guestroom.
GroupWare Applications
gif-grafik (e.g., VNC) - Virtual Network Computing (At a Glance)
Remote display system to view a computing 'desktop' environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet.
gif-grafik Web-based Groupware (Distributed Web Portals):
gif-grafik BSCW - Basic System for Collaborative Work (At a Glance)
use of small images (in cache), offers shared workspaces to document upload, joint editing and share.
gif-grafik sourceforge.net: (e.g., CMS -Content Management System)
gif-grafik jetspeed Enterprise Information Portal to consume information from multiple resources (large amounts of data) on the net.
(S&T Collaborium Portal At a Glance)

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