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High Performance Computing and Networking 2000
International Conference on Engineering Education 2002 2001 1999
International Conference on Networking Entities 1998
International Colloquium with Demonstration of "Virtual Laboratories", 18-19 June 2001

Person to Person Communication

S&T Collaborium
Applied Informatics and Distributed Systems Group at Technische Universität München, Germany
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Construction IT: Groupware
CSCW & Groupware
CSCW & Groupware information resources
Design Conference Room
Online Guide, Information, links to Groupware
Overview, Definitions, and Distinctions
TeleTools - Groupware and CSCW
Tom Gross' CSCW & Groupware Page
Video Conferencing
Bookmarks on Video Conference
Calmet 99 : Videoconferencing workshop, useful links
Center of Consulting for Video Conference Service
    This website is only in the German language.
Dual View
HEPNRC Video Conferencing Information
internet audio/video conference/broadcast software/hardware
INRIA Videoconferencing System (IVS)
Microsoft Netmeeting
Pacific Bell's Videoconferencing for Learning
Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing Cookbook
Video Conferencing Info
Virtual Rooms Videoconferencing System
Mbone Tools
LBNL's Network Research Group
MBone VCR on Demand Service
The MBone VCR Page
UCL Network and Multimedia Research Group

Person to Equipment Communication

Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory
NASA Ames Research Center Simulation Laboratories
Internet Robotics Info
Online Data Acquisition and Remote Control
Online Robots and Cameras
The Distributed Collaboratories Project
The SoftLab Virtual Laboratories
Virtual Chemistry
   This website demonstrates chemical experiments.
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
   This website demonstrates statistical outcomes of experiments.
Web-enabled Mechatronics/Process Control Laboratory
Examples of Remote Control over the Internet
A Virtual Engineering/Science Laboratory Course
Interactive Model Railroad
   Currently is this page only in German and has development status.
NUS Virtual Laboratory
Real Systems in the Virtual Lab
Remote Education on the Internet
USC Mercury Project: Interface
Verbund Virtuelles Labor
Virtual Control Lab 3.1
Examples of Robot Control
Automation Technology Laboratory
Climbing and walking robots
Department of Defence Joint Robotics Program
Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems
Sensori-Motor Augmented Reality for Telerobotics (SMART)

Distance Learning:

Distance Education and the WWW
Distance Education Clearinghouse
TeleLearning NCE Research Projekts