A Taxonomy of Virtual Laboratories

Part: person to equipment communcation

gif-grafik Teleoperation
gif-grafik upstream: control of actors
gif-grafik downstream: data from sensors (feedback, samples)
gif-grafik WebDevices, application sharing
Figure: Operator-Controller-Equipment
gif-grafik Example: Internet-Model-Rail-Road remote control
gif-grafik WWW-pages as User Interface
    gif-grafik selction in the page tree
    gif-grafik commands as leafs
    gif-grafik cgi-script
gif-grafik Controlcomputer
    gif-grafik switches
    gif-grafik feedback from track
    gif-grafik accelerate and stop train
gif-grafik Model railroad
    gif-grafik control signal on the track
    gif-grafik engines with decoders

gif-grafik Teleprogramming
gif-grafik C, Cpp, Java, programming interfaces (APIs)
gif-grafik upload and remote execution
gif-grafik downstream: result data
gif-grafik pre-experiment simulation
gif-grafik Example: Virtual University Project VVL
gif-grafik Java Programs
    gif-grafik program control logic
    gif-grafik simulate the program
    gif-grafik download into experiment
    gif-grafik execute with camera feedback
gif-grafik Tailored Programs
    gif-grafik no standardized interfaces

More information and explanation about term Virtual Laboratory can be found in the paper Communication Technologies for Virtual Laboratories from Konrad Froitzheim. (doc)